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Pup Talk The Podcast

Aug 31, 2021

I'm talking to Becky Smith founder of PetTrailer UK about the amazing benefits of pet trailing for every kind of dog. The positive power of scent work for reactive and nervous dogs. Or that fact that it's just huge fun!

And if you live close to Northwich, Cheshire, do check out the Charity Trail Day on the 5th...

Aug 25, 2021

Ben Sweeney is the Co-Founder of Vidivet. He describes Vidivet as the lovechild of Dr Google and NHS111 for your dog!

How often have we been unsure whether we should take our dog to the vet or not? Bodie is not great at the vet, so I don't want to take him unless it's necessary.

But how do you know what information...

Aug 18, 2021

Zoe Hindle is the Fit Pet Physio and mainly works with retired and active sporting dogs.

But we're talking about what you can do to prevent injuries in your pet dog. Plus simple ways to help your dog heal from surgery or injury, or just maintain your dog's long-term health.

Aug 10, 2021

Rachel Rodgers, of Nose to Trail, is an award-winning dog behaviourist, dog trainer and parkour instructor based in the North West of England.

We're talking about pain and how it can really impact on our dog's behaviour. The challenges on identifying pain and things you can look out for.

She tells us about a new booklet...