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Pup Talk The Podcast

Oct 31, 2020

Niki gives you lots of tips to help get your dog ready to settle while you need to be working from home (hands up who is attending on-line conferences).

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Oct 31, 2020

Today's episode is all about Boxer dogs as I talk to Jo Wilson about what makes Boxer dogs so unique.

They are definitely not a breed for inexperienced owners, so we talk about what people need to consider before taking one on for the first time.

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Oct 24, 2020

Brand expert, Jacquie Lawes works with amazing women on their product-based businesses, but she's got a long history of different dogs in her life.

She even named her business after her two current Chocolate Labradors. Ruby, is a very special dog and is a Therapy Dog and loves helping school children with reading...

Oct 19, 2020

Natalie and James are getting married and they have a very special reason for their new dog Bertie, a Labrador Cocker Spaniel X,  to be there.

Lockdown has caused their wedding plans to be turned upside down, but Bertie is in training to get him ready for the big day.

Natalie takes time out just a couple of weeks before...

Oct 11, 2020

Did you know just how many different types of natural chews there are! Daily chews are so beneficial for puppies and dogs.

Sarah Latham couldn't find the range of high quality natural chews all in one place for her large family of dogs. So she set up her own business!

We talk about health benefits, allergies and what...